David Grant
Chief Editor(Masters in Mass Communication)

Hi! I am David Grant, the chief editor of The News Kit and. It has been 9 years since I have joined this organization. I have seen all the struggles that this organization has faced. But in all these challenges I have also observed how all the members come forward and collaborate and do the damage control. Unity is the anthem of our website and we also cordially invite you to be a part of this. 

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Richard Reed
Sub Editor (Masters in English Literature)

Richard is the sub-editor of News Kit and is like a family to me. His works have always amused me. I have gone through his edited documents to search out at least one mistake but never found it. His work is flawless which makes him the most deserved one for this designation. Apart from working he also enjoys reading a lot, and this enhances his creativity more.

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Tony Gardner
Senior Designer(Masters in Computer Application)

Tony is the senior web designer. He has studied in one of the best designing colleges in the city. He takes time, and patiently he designs such website which feels adds the correct color to our contents. In his leisure, he loves spending time in the cafeteria. It has been 6 years since he has joined this organization and we are very proud to have him onboard.

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Cheryl Arndt
Junior Designer(Graduate in Web and Graphics Designing)

Cheryl is working as a junior web designer. She is a very cheerful person and takes work very seriously. Her works are always very magnificent and being a fast learner she can easily cop up with Tony’s speed of work. She helps Tony in creating the designs, and her ideas make the work much more beautiful. She has been working with us for 3 years.

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Content Writers


Cornelius Mckinnis
BUSINESS (Master’s in Business Administration)

Cornelius is the chief editor of the business column and has been working in this post for 5 years. He has infinite knowledge in the field of business. The stock market and market operations are like stories for him since he knows everything. Other than writing his business articles he always keeps track of the global economy, and this initiates more values to his contents.

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Phone: +1 773-564-8542

Linda Gutierrez
Science and Technology (Ph.D In Physics)

Linda is leading the science and technology team. Her articles have always been unique and appreciated by our readers. She seeks out her articles manually rather than surfing online for the topics. This gives the articles a hint of her personality. Until and unless she is satisfied with the work she has done she never leaves the cabin. In her free time, she goes into the library to search for more topics.

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Phone: +1 773-794-3548

Joseph Pelkey
Health (Nutritionist)

Joseph is leading the health column and has been working with us for 4 years. He is one of the most skilled writers we have ever come through. His talent originates from inside and hence gives his articles a different style. Apart from being a writer he also an incredible cook and his articles are also mainly about healthy food recipes. We enjoy his company a lot.

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Marty Webster
Technology and Science (Masters in Journalism)

Marty reports about science and technology. He has a good connection with many science organizations and professors and hence gets all the unique articles as soon as it makes its way in the market. His talent is reporting always does the job. It has been 4 years since he is working with us and there was not a single day when he didn’t give any exclusive reports.

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Phone: +1 773-256-4213

Misty Fletcher
Business (Masters in Public Relations)

Misty reports the business news. Being a female reporter, the situations which should have come as a challenge for her got quite easily tackled. She knows her every action and is very aware of anything she does. She has a good name in the economy, and hence her connections are very. It has been just 2 years since she is working here and has already won our heart.

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Phone: +1 773-301-6598

Cristina Jones
Health (Masters in Mass Communication)

Cristina works for the health byte. She is a fitness enthusiast knows about the places from where she can get. She takes her commitment very seriously and is very passionate about it. Her reports don’t need much of editing since she is also a perfectionist. She has been on-board with us for 4 years.

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Phone: +1 773-701-5012