Hypnotism, Laughing Gas, Virtual Reality to Minimize the Pain of the Patients

Hypnotism, Laughing Gas, Virtual Reality to Minimize the Pain of the Patients

Burn patients suffer excruciating pain throughout treatment; however, at the Legacy Oregon Burn Center, they’re provided other ways to make it through.

To maintain opiate-based treatments to a minimum, patients can choose to try hypnotism, laughing gas, or virtual reality to help patients deal with the pain.

Cheryl Passarelli was boiling water on her range when it spilled. She stated that It dumped down on her lap and gave her first, second, and third-degree burns.

The pain was quick and intense, and she was in for more as treatments started, mainly when the burns have been cleaned. At first, she was provided strong medications for the pain, however along came a substitute for those opiates.

She was skeptical at first; however, that thought rapidly went away.

Dr. Nik Eshraghi, states there isn’t a reason not to attempt the alternative methods.

He stated the Oregon Burn Center just started using nitrous oxide (N2O) in the last year and is open to growing and bringing in new technology and pain treatment methods for their patients.

RN Matthew Lindsey heads up the VR aspect at the Burn Center. Doctors and staff watched as he slid a VR device on his head and defined that the objective is to provide the patient something else to concentrate. He showed one of the virtual reality programs, “they’re in a boat, and he feels a couple of people have told them they think it is like Fiji.”

Lindsey mentioned virtual reality does not always work for everyone; however, the staff has observed a reduction in pain medications.

Dr. Emily Ogden is the staff psychologist for the Oregon Burn Center. She focuses on having patients relearn the beliefs they could have about pain.

Along with self-hypnosis, Ogden also helps patients with guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation.

Her work is often carried out 20-30 minutes before a burn dressing change.

For burn survivor, Passarelli, the nitrous oxide she took a chance on, is working.